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Everyone has wishes and dreams. But these can sometimes only be achieved with a loan. With the low-interest rate situation, saving is no longer worthwhile and the loans can be obtained cheaply. For this reason, many people go to a guaranteed payday loan direct lender in order to be able to fulfill their wishes more quickly.

All banks offer an instant loan for everyone. But it is not as simple as it sounds with a loan approval because a loan is only intended for certain people. This possibility is not open to unemployed people or recipients of social assistance.

With an instant credit for everyone, your wishes can be quickly fulfilled. The banks don’t give money for anything. Interest is primarily due on a loan. This alone distinguishes the offers of the banks. The costs that have to be added also include processing fees, which make a loan even more expensive. With a credit comparison, however, the costs can be reduced. For example, some financial institutions waive the processing fees.

There are also considerable differences in the interest calculation. There are also other fees. If a loan is repaid prematurely, most banks demand compensation for the loss of interest lost. It is therefore very important to check the banks’ offers for a loan for everyone. The Internet offers ample opportunity for this because there are countless comparison calculators. With them, all loans can be compared quickly and conveniently.

The house bank is not always the best choice

Many consumers are initially drawn to the house bank. This is advantageous if the money is needed on the same day. Typically, the borrower can take the loan amount straight away when a loan is taken out for everyone at the house bank. However, it should be taken into account that the house bank is not necessarily one of the cheap banks. If you are not in a hurry, you should take the time to compare the offers on the Internet. Here there is guaranteed a cheaper instant credit for everyone than at the house bank.

Compare loans for lower risk

In Sweden, the population now has more loans than ever, but that does not mean that they are financially worse off. 20 years ago, the loan was almost half of what it is now, which makes it record-breaking. However, it has a lot to do with the fact that interest rates are much better now than in the 1990s and it is the interest payments that determine how indebted a household is. At the end of 2018, the interest rate ratio was 2.4 percent, compared with 11.2 percent in 1990, which is a significant difference.

To get the best interest rate on a loan, borrowers usually use services that compare loans. This means that you as a borrower can be sure that you will get a loan at the lowest interest rate possible. How low the interest rate you get depends on your credit rating and it is calculated based on a number of different factors. There are comparison sites that do not use UC in credit reporting to prevent you from receiving inquiries that lower your credit rating. This makes it advantageous for you to take out a loan without collateral if needed.

Measures from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority

money loan

Increased indebtedness obviously means increased risks as interest rates are not constant and can rise at any time. The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority has therefore implemented some measures during the 2010s to reduce risks. Among other things, you cannot borrow more than 85 percent of the value of your home when you have it as collateral. There are also repayment requirements for your loan amount to decrease while you pay and increase if you borrow more than 4.5 times your gross income.

The Swedish mortgage market

Debt has risen significantly in the Swedish mortgage market, which is understandable thanks to the rapidly rising housing prices. House and apartment prices continue to increase in value, which is precisely why Moneythink Finance made the amortization requirement more stringent. This has contributed to a reduction in the average debt ratio during 2018, as has the proportion of borrowers with a high debt ratio. The introduction of the regulation has resulted in cheaper housing being purchased, if the amortization requirement had not existed, it would have been easier to buy more expensive housing. 82 per cent of households’ total debt consists of mortgage loans in 2019.

What is consumer loan?


Consumer loan is loan for consumers to do a certain edition. Loans to companies and mortgages are therefore not covered by consumer loan , but most other types of loans do. The consumer loan must be responsible and fit in with your loan goal and your financial options.

The best known forms of consumer loan are:

Personal loan

Personal loan

You borrow an amount at an interest that is fixed throughout the entire term. You repay this loan within a set number of months. So you know exactly how much you spend per month and how long you are repaying. You cannot withdraw the amounts that you pay off on your Personal Loan. Nowadays it is possible to repay penalty-free extra on your Personal Loan. Then the duration becomes shorter. You can be advised on a Personal Loan and take out it immediately.

Continuously loan

Continuously loan

With a Continuous loan you get a loan limit: you can withdraw money up to that amount. Every month you pay a fixed amount in interest and repayment, usually 2% of the loan limit. Interest will only be charged on the amount withdrawn. Moreover, the interest is not fixed, but is variable and can therefore be different every month. Repaid amounts can be immediately withdrawn and you can always repay additional fine without penalty. You can be advised on a Continuous loan and close it immediately.

What is the consumer loan most used for?

What is the consumer loan most used for?

  1. Consumer goods
    You want to buy something, but you don’t have the money for it (yet). You can then wait until you have collected the required amount. But you can also take out a loan . Most consumers loan en are taken out for the purchase of a car.
  2. Renovation or sustainability of the home
    A new kitchen, bathroom or conservatory can be quickly realized with a consumer loan . We also like to conclude a consumer loan in the the country for solar panels, double glazing and home insulation.
  3. Pay off debts
    A rent arrears, a few bills not paid and or the premium for your health insurance that has not been written off. It is not nice to have debts. Pay them off in one go with a Personal Loan and you will be in control of your finances again. Also very suitable for paying off your purchases at a mail order company in one go.
  4. Loan loan
    If you already have a loan, but you find it too expensive, you can choose another provider. You then pay off your old loan in one go with your new loan. But you are better off because your new loan has better conditions, for example a lower interest rate. The new loan provider will check again if you are eligible for the loan .
  5. Merge loans
    You have a number of loans that are all taken out at different times and run with different parties. For example, a Personal Loan for your car, a computer that you pay off in installments and occasionally turn red. By combining the various loans, you can save on costs. You also have a better overview of your finances with one loan.
  6. Study
    Special training can strengthen your position on the labor market. You cannot get a student loan from DUO for every study program. Thanks to a consumer loan you can make your dreams come true.

What should you pay attention to at a consumer loan ?

What should you pay attention to at a consumer loan ?

It is important that the loan that you take out fits in with your loan objective and with your personal and financial situation. That is why a loan provider will always ask. In addition, the loan Registration Office will check whether you have any other loan en and whether you have (had) problems with this. But you also have to feel good about the loan yourself. No fewer than 44% of consumers therefore first ask for advice. With us you get free advice without obligation about the loan.

What are the costs of a consumer loan ?

What are the costs of a consumer loan ?

When you take out a loan, you pay interest. That is the loan allowance. The maximum loan reimbursement in the the country is 14% per year. The interest may therefore be lower, but never higher than 14%.

The loan provider may not charge extra costs such as a guarantee. And a consultant may not charge any kind of costs for concluding a consumer loan. Costs for the application or administration costs are therefore not allowed. The loan provider must also be clear about the costs. We naturally follow these rules and, moreover, look for a loan that works out well for you.

You can always conclude a responsible consumer loan at the most favorable conditions and interest. You get advice and clarity about the costs so that you are not surprised afterwards.

Save the economy with flexible micro loans and account credit

Certain periods of the year are spending well. Insurance premiums must be paid, the car must be repaired at the same time as the house or apartment requires renovations. Everything at the same time.

A micro loan is a good way to solve the costs of this kind. The application goes smoothly, and you can quickly access the money even in the context of completely unexpected expenses. Since this type of loan is limited and usually ranges between 500 and a maximum of USD 20,000, they also make a quick repayment.

At the same time, it is important not to overlook the importance of repayment or to postpone their repayments. Even small loans can quickly lead to worrying payment claims if they are not handled properly.

The following are good things to think about when planning to apply for a credit or micro loan with direct payment:


Part payment and flexibility

loan payment and flexibility

When deciding on a lender, it is important that you look into its ability to meet your personal circumstances and needs. Flexibility when it comes to setting up your installment plan and having the freedom to spend the exact amount of money you need for two examples of this.


Application and conditions

loan Application and conditions

Unexpected, local spending requires quick access to loans or credit that can pinpoint the holes in finances. In that situation, it does not work to wait and wait long for whether your application has gone through, but on the contrary, it is a prerequisite that the money is quickly sought. tts into your account. Turn to a lender that offers quick response to your application and direct payment to your bank.


Not only is it quick to get access to the money

credit loans

It is also important to be able to manage and look at the account credit in a good way. Choose a lender that allows easy withdrawals via login, and does not require you to use all the credit. Also, keep an eye out for hidden fees that may jeopardize the cost of your loan.

Avoid unscrupulous SMS loans that cost more than what they provide and that cannot be repaid according to your own personal assumptions. Contact Mobile loan already today if you have questions about their services and offers or simply apply for account credit through the form on the website.

Payday loans without paperwork: How to request a loan without bureaucratic procedures

Applying for payday loans without paperwork is possible. Faced with the cumbersome bureaucratic procedures required by traditional banks to lend money (guarantee of repayment of the debt, proof of income, employment contract, a lot of certificates if you are autonomous, not being on delinquent lists, declaration of assets and justification of what the money is going to be used for, among other things), modern financial institutions that have emerged in the heat of the Internet provide quick money, precisely because of their online operation, without waiting and without papers.


Payday Loans


Offer with loans without payroll, loans for freelancers, loans for students and where you can also get payday loans with ASNEF. In RichHand Finance we offer loans without paperwork from 750 dollars up to 5,000 dollars , to be returned within a minimum period of six months and a maximum of 48, without having to send documentation by mail or make a single phone call.

The process is 100% online , there are no paperwork or documents to fill out or send by postal mail since all the application process is done online, through the website. It will take you a few minutes to fill out the online application questionnaire and a few more to know if your payday loan has been granted. If the answer is positive, you will have the money directly in your online bank account. You can request it from any device with an Internet connection, without having to move to an office.


Online process makes paperless payday loans possible to process in record time

paperless loans possible to process in record time

This is possible because we work with the latest fintech technologies, capable of analyzing the applicant’s data in record time. In addition, with the aim of improving the user experience, we have implemented recent reforms on our website and have migrated to the Mambu banking platform, founded in Berlin in 2011 and currently considered one of the most powerful software for financial operations.

You can access our website at any time, because when working completely online we guarantee the service 7 days a week for 24 hours. Enter our payday loan simulator , choose the amount and term in which you want to pay it back, and try different terms until you find the amount that best fits your pocket. Then, fill in the form that will help us assess whether you can deal with your payday loan and wait a few minutes.


What do you need to get paperless payday loans

money loans

If you need money for an unforeseen event, the month will take care of you; to repair the boiler that is just going to break down in the middle of January, or to rent machinery for your SME, get it quickly and safely with RichHand Finance. You just need:

  • Resides in Spain and be of legal age .
  • Have a valid identification document. It can be the DNI (National Identity Document) or the NIE (Foreign Identification Number), but in no case will it be accepted if it is expired, neither in traditional banks nor in other credit institutions.
  • Be the owner of a mobile phone line and an email address , where we will notify you if your loan has been accepted or not and, if so, where we will send you a code with which you can sign your loan contract.
  • Have a bank account with online access, in which the money will be deposited once your application has been approved.
  • Verify your identity. To avoid phishing we request a transfer of 1 euro that will be re-bagged. With this we verify that you are the owner of the account where the money will be entered.

Acceptance of credit: What supporting documents must be provided?

About to buy the much-desired apartment or house? Meticulously compile your mortgage, to increase your chances of obtaining a credit acceptance, from one of the banks approached. Beyond the list of supporting documents , which is essentially the same for all organizations, here are some tips to follow imperatively.

What are the original documents to present?

What are the original documents to present?

PLEASE NOTE : banking establishments must consult the original documents – beyond the copy you will leave with them – in order to be able to certify their authenticity.

Personal documents to promote acceptance of credit:

  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of your family situation
  • Proof of address less than 3 months old
  • Last three pay slips
  • Last two tax notices
  • Last three account statements
  • The justification of your personal contribution
  • The documents of the other credits in progress (if this is the case)
  • The justification of all your investments (if any)

IMPORTANT : if the loan concerns a borrower and a co-borrower , these documents must be presented for 2 people.

Supporting documents related to the real estate project:

  • The signed compromise or promise to sell
  • The pre-contract (in the case of a purchase in the new)
  • The plan of the house (in the case of a construction)
  • An indication of the living space (in the case of a purchase in the old)
  • The technical diagnostic file
  • The title to the property sold to buy the new one (in the case of a bridging loan)

When should supporting documents be collected?

When should supporting documents be collected?

After having carried out real estate loan simulations, you know the envelope of your project and you can start concretely your search for a property.

At the same time, it is strongly advised to start collecting supporting documents for the preparation of your loan file.

In this way, as you approach the signing of the compromise , you can quickly get an agreement in principle from the bank. Note that the latter is only valid between 15 and 20 days, especially in periods where rates change a lot.

Thus organized, you gain in reactivity and you can then quickly submit your file and obtain its acceptance within 7 to 10 days.

Why do you have to put together so many pieces for your credit report?

Why do you have to put together so many pieces for your credit report?

Free to refuse a mortgage, the bank must be able to clearly assess your personal situation and your request , to determine if they are in adequacy. Remember that the borrower is not the only one to take a risk in establishing a loan. This is why the assembly of a file is very important, because it must be able to quickly reveal all your assets and lead to a credit acceptance.

Are you likely to benefit from subsidized credits? Do you have any guarantees? What is your financial past? The state of your wealth, your savings?

In addition, by proposing a well presented, complete file, established in all transparency and without concealing anything , you will obtain a faster response from the banks.

The bridging loan: buying property B before selling property A

The bridge loan primarily targets second-time buyers looking for a new property. This loan, available in two main formulas, finances the new acquisition (good B), before the sale of the old one (good A). A mechanism which considerably reduces the debt ratio and proves to be interesting, if and only if, the sale is carried out as quickly as possible, within the time allowed without ever exceeding 2 years.

How does a bridge loan work?

How does a bridge loan work?

Serving as a joint between two homes , the bridging loan allows an owner to acquire a new property, without having sold the previous one. Called “relay-purchase” or “purchase-resale”, it translates, in fact, by the repurchase of the credit in progress with a bank and the addition of the funds necessary for the new acquisition.

For security reasons, the banking establishment does not take into account the entire value of asset A: thus, the credit is based on 60 to 80% of its value , in order to cover a possible fall in the sale price. Here, the key is to correctly assess the home to optimize the duration of the bridging loan.

What are its different forms?

What are its different forms?What are its different forms?

The associated bridge loan: the most widespread formula

The associated bridging loan is accompanied by a traditional amortizable loan.

If good A is less valued than good B, the bridging loan can be associated with a second loan, to complete the financing of the latter. Built on the basis of a traditional amortizable loan, the monthly payments reimburse the interest on the bridging loan, as well as the interest and amortization of the capital of the second loan: all the costs are simply smoothed in order to obtain almost identical monthly payments.

The dry relay loan

If property A is valued at the same height (or even higher) than property B, the bridging loan does not need to be accompanied by additional mortgage , since the owner only needs an “advance” from the bank, to acquire the new home. He will settle the capital of the capital with the money from the sale of his property A.

The total franchise bridge loan: formula not to exceed its debt capacity

It is accompanied by an amortizable bridge loan with deferred amortization.

This arrangement consists in reducing the monthly charges during the period when the property is not yet sold. To do so, interest is not reimbursed monthly. The deductible period can extend up to 12 months.

The borrower will repay the borrowed capital and interest in one installment at maturity.

This financing is expensive in the long term but it has the advantage of being more timely in terms of cash.

How are repayments of a bridging loan organized?

How are repayments of a bridging loan organized?

Whether it is a bridging loan, dry or associated, there are two possibilities of repayment :

  • With partial deferral , the monthly payments are made up only of interest from the bridging loan (with insurance contributions). The capital being reimbursed on the resale of asset A.
  • In total deferral , the repayment of the bridging loan is made in full on the resale of asset A.

If the bridging loan is accompanied by a conventional loan, the latter can also be adjusted according to the personal situation of the borrower. For example, with a deferred amortization formula, the monthly charges are reduced until the sale of asset A.

After the deadline, the borrower is liable for the sums due . If they are not honored, the bank can initiate legal proceedings against it and register it in the file of credit repayment incidents to individuals.

To avoid this situation, it is preferable to act before the maturity of the bridging loan , request an extension from the lender.

The role of the credit broker in this transaction?

The role of the credit broker in this transaction?

Beyond his banking knowledge, he also has banking techniques and can establish with you a simulation allowing you to know which financial transaction meets your expectations and your situation.

You will know what type of bridge loan to consider for how long, the amount that the bank can lend you, the rate it is possible to obtain, the cost of your credit for this operation.

Consider the purchase of a Good B before the sale of Good A must be prepared in the best conditions . This financing plan deserves special attention because it can consist of several loans (bridge loan, complementary loan with deferred payment and a conventional loan).

Our network of free brokers can enlighten you and establish your personalized financing plan for you.

News from the Minister for SMEs : SME Loan is Coming

Nowadays, when the economic agenda is very active, we can say that SMEs were given good news with the statement made by Economy Minister Berat Albayrak and Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan on August 31, 2018.

In the joint statements made by the two Ministers; It has been announced that SME Support Loan with CGF (Credit Guarantee Fund) will be given for Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs). Let us begin to convey the subject to the finest details for our esteemed readers.

What Does SME Support Loan Mean For SMEs

What Does SME Support Loan Mean For SMEs

When we look directly at the statements made by the Minister of Treasury and Finance Berat Albayrak in this regard;

“Today, we will earn its name together. I would like to express my happiness to be with you within the scope of SME Support Loan. I find it important to be chosen as a slogan. We said this in the face of economic attacks that started in July and peaked in August. We will eventually win.

Our banks, most of all, as far as being in strong solidarity in Turkey’s history, with the support of our nation to the world a very strong offer Turkey a photo. As of today, we are clamping to get much stronger than this test we are facing. We’re putting our hands under the stone, trying to move Turkey is a much stronger economy. “

Credit Guarantee Fund will vouch


The SME support loan, which was previously implemented as the Breath Loan, continues from where it was again as the SME Support Loan in the revised state. The most important detail in this loan is; for the loan in question, the Credit Guarantee Fund is a guarantor to the SME that will use the loan. In other words, CGF (Credit Guarantee Fund) will enter the circuit in case the loan cannot be paid. Of course, it will not be possible to not play after the loan use and leave the debt to the Credit Guarantee Fund.

The main reason for the guarantee of the Credit Guarantee Fund is; It can be said that facilitating the use of credits of SMEs that have problems in terms of using loans, and that some kind of banks provides loans to SMEs by minimizing their risk levels. Now, What is the Credit Guarantee Fund explaining to you; Let’s continue with topics such as SME Support Loan Terms, Interest Rates, Repayments.

CGF SME Support Loan Terms

CGF SME Support Loan Terms

When we look at the details of the Credit Guarantee Fund SME Support Loan;

Each member can use a maximum of 200 thousand credits,

Monthly interest rate will be 1.85%,

The annual interest rate will be 22%,

The repayment plan is; the main money will be completed in a total of 18 months, with 6 months non-refundable and 12 equal installments in the next period,

The Credit Guarantee Fund will vouch for 85% of the loan amount withdrawn.

Terms and Details of CGF SME Support Loan

Terms and Details of CGF SME Support Loan

At this point, of course, the most important criterion; is related to SME (Small Medium-sized Individual Business) class. Let us briefly describe the SME definition with a sentence. According to the latest regulations, SME;

“The annual net sales revenue and the financial balance upper limit is 125 million, the annual number of employees is upper limit 250” . Please am I SME that we have prepared for you in detail in this regard?

Apart from that, let’s continue with short questions and answers in some individual cases.

Can Those Who Pay Tax and Social Security Premium Debt Benefit?

Without entangling the word, the application on this subject; It should be noted that the SGK is overdue so that it should not have premium debt and tax debt. Moreover, this situation should be documented with a document that was issued 90 days before and after the loan usage.

CGF SME Support Loan Application Document Request

CGF has no document request at this point. However, in case of a deficiency in the documents required by the bank in the loan phase, CGF (Credit Guarantee Fund) can request these documents.

How Much is SME Support Loan Expenses

An application fee of 400 per request will be charged, while 250 of surety allocation fee per loan will be charged.

Also, the surety commission fee will be charged. This price is; are collected at a relative rate;

• 1% in provisional and final guarantee letters for commitment services,

• Applied at 2% on surety for all other cash and non-cash loans.

How Long Should the Company Be for CGF SME Support Loan

We can say that CGF (Credit Guarantee Fund) does not make any restrictions in this regard, it provides bail including new establishments and facilitates loan financing.

Where to Apply for CGF SME Support Loan

SME Support Loan applications; They can apply to any of the 40 CGF branches currently operating in 35 provinces of our country. SMEs in our provinces that do not have a CGF branch can apply from the city with the closest CGF branch.

How to compare mortgage loan offers?

Mortgage is not immune to the tendency of the consumer to want to compare before signing. Here are the main tracks to help you get the best loan offer.

How to compare two loan offers?

How to compare two loan offers?

To find out the total cost and be able to compare two separate loan offers, the future buyer that you are can use one of the following two operations:

Either, you will make the sum of the charges (reimbursements + additional costs) from which you will subtract the borrowed capital.

Or, you will calculate the APR, the overall effective annual rate. You will ensure that all the elements helping to calculate it are communicated to you.

Suffice to say that if you have to compare 2 loan offers, the method of comparing the nominal rates between the 2 offers will not be reliable, since a low nominal rate with higher fees can quite result in a total cost higher credit.

What should you take into account?

The borrowed capital which is a function of your personal contribution, the level of your resources and your disposable income and the amount of your real estate transaction.

You will be able to compare the nominal interest rate that banks are willing to grant you.

How to compare two borrower insurance contracts?

How to compare two borrower insurance contracts?

The group contract offered by the banks or the delegated insurance contract? Each candidate for credit has the possibility of choosing a different borrower insurance than that of the lending bank which has a higher cost as a rule.

What should you compare?

Guarantee conditions, deductibles, waiting periods and exclusion clauses for certain sports activities, certain conditions, etc. and the cost.

It is in your best interest to use the borrower insurance comparator in order to choose the guarantees that best meet your needs and expectations.

The borrower insurance comparator allows you to query several insurers at the same time.

Each credit expert will offer you the offer that best suits your needs.

How to compare two intermediaries?

How to compare two intermediaries?

Credit experts are all subject to the same requirements laid down by the Monetary and Financial Code with obligations to register with the orias, good repute, liability insurance, financial guarantee and professional skills.

What should you compare?

The conditions for exercising the profession being fulfilled, the comparison lies in the cost between each.

You will have entered a loan or insurance offer asking for expert skill to define what it contains and compare it to another.

Do not hesitate to call on a broker to accompany you and advise you on the financing part of your life project and this whether it is free or paid!